Fall arrest systems necessary in some workplaces

| Sep 23, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

Businesses in Louisiana may neglect adequate fall protection measures even though OSHA requires them for work at elevations higher than four feet. Workers may find themselves in environments where fall protection is not prioritized, and this increases the risk of injury.

Companies often select fall protection that is insufficient for their particular needs. For example, a different type of fall arrest system is needed depending on whether the protection is needed for maintenance, unloading or some other application.

Companies also may try to save money with inadequate protection or have people making decisions about fall protection who do not fully understand what is needed. However, this may be much costlier for companies in the long run because it can leave them open to liability if workers are injured. Choosing the right people to implement a safe fall protection system and planning ahead are crucial to protect both workers and the business.

Workers who are injured in a fall on the job should be aware of their rights. They may wish to consult an attorney to discuss their eligibility for workers’ compensation. This is not dependent on the safety measures in place or who is at fault for the accident. However, applying for workers’ compensation benefits may be complex, and if a claim is denied, an attorney might be able to assist the injured worker with an appeal of the decision. Workers should also be aware that an employer is not allowed to retaliate against them if they file for workers’ compensation benefits. An employer may try to discourage or intimidate the employee because they fear the costs or repercussions of not having an adequate safety system. Retaliation might also include being refused a promotion or termination. Workers who feel they have faced retaliation following an accident may also wish to consult a lawyer.