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August 2015 Archives

OSHA issues warning about contaminated eyewash stations

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued an Infosheet regarding the health hazards that could be present in the water of improperly maintained eyewash stations. The purpose of the Infosheet is to provide updated eyewash safety information to protect workers in Louisiana and nationwide.

OSHA regulation updates for Louisiana amputation victims

Louisiana manufacturing workers may benefit from new OSHA guidelines regarding amputations sustained at work. A 2015 document was released detailing the procedures used to implement the new program in a multitude of industries that experience high numbers of amputations. These industries were chosen using relevant Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The most common types of businesses include machine shops, sawmills, both commercial and retail bakeries, meat processing plants and food manufacturing plants of all types.

Railroads slow to install required safety technology

On Aug. 7, the Federal Railroad Administration issued a report indicating that only three railroads are on schedule to meet the deadline to install new safety technology that could prevent many crashes. All railroads operating in Louisiana and nationwide must install the technology, known as positive train control, by Dec. 31, 2015.

Safety of lone workers

Many workplace injuries in Louisiana can be prevented when coworkers work together to spot hazards. However, some workers do not have the benefit of other people keeping an eye out for them on the job. Workers who regularly perform tasks away from other people pose a unique safety challenge for employers.