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July 2015 Archives

Painkillers and workers' compensation in Louisiana

In recent years, prescription drug abuse has become a widespread health issue due the increased availability of opioids. This has created a liability issue for employers when workers are prescribed painkillers after suffering an injury at work. A report from the National Safety Council found 15 cases between 2009 to 2015 where an employer was sued after an employeewas given prescription medication following an injury.

Worker safety guidelines for robotic workstations

Many manufacturers and warehouses in Louisiana and across the United States are increasing their reliance on robotic workstations. These robots require specific approaches for worker safety because their automatic and sometimes fast movements create risks for serious injury and even death.

Hazardous materials accidents risky for first responders

When a truck or train accident spills hazardous materials in Louisiana, the emergency and clean-up response must initially come from local police, fire and rescue personnel. These first responders may not immediately know the contents of the spill or what harm could arise from exposure to the substances both to them and to the public.

OSHA reveals stricter enforcement policy for health care workers

Health care professionals in Louisiana may be happy to learn that OSHA has revealed a stricter enforcement policy that promises to address the primary hazards that they face in their occupation. The new policy requires that federal inspections in hospitals, residential care facilities and nursing homes focus on a minimum of five main hazards no matter the initial purpose of the assessment.

Recycling industry dangerous for workers

Louisiana workers may be shocked to learn that experts have found that recycling work is hazardous to workers' health. In fact, 17 recycling workers died around the country between 2011 and 2013 in workplace accidents. A recent study revealed that those who work in the recycling industry are twice as likely to suffer workplace injuries than people in other industries.