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June 2015 Archives

Double risk of workplace injuries for temp positions

Temporary staffing by businesses is on the rise, and peer-reviewed evidence suggests this could be bad news for Louisiana residents seeking employment. When full-time positions are hard to find, job seekers may be recruited by temp agencies as a way to build experience and gain references while earning a wage. The growing field of temporary work, however, has proven to be more hazardous to employees than traditional positions.

Lousiana health care workers may get help from OSHA

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, out of all U.S. private industries, health care has the highest rate of workplace injury. OSHA noted that dangers like workplace violence, slip-and-fall accidents, lifting injuries and exposure to a number of hazardous diseases and pathogens contributed to a higher overall frequency of occupational harm or illnesses among professionals like nurses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that in 2012, the rates of workplace injury in care facilities and hospitals were each significantly higher than in other occupations.

Toxic cosmetics chemicals may affect nail salon workers

Louisiana residents may have seen some recent reports linking some of the chemicals used in nail salon products to such serious medical issues as cancer, asthma, respiratory illness and miscarriages. While many efforts to impose tougher regulations against the use of such chemicals have not been successful, the New York Times has published a series of articles designed to draw attention to the issue. In response, the New York governor has issued regulations to offer protection for salon workers who may be in regular contact with the chemicals.

Animal and insect bites at the workplace

Louisiana workers in outdoor job environments likely are aware of the prevalence of insects, snakes and other vermin at certain times of the year. However, even those who work indoors sometimes are injured as a result of bites. Louisiana employers can reduce the risk of injury by identifying potential threats and minimizing the risks.