Occupational vibration exposure in Louisiana

| Feb 16, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

Vibrations from machinery and other devices around the workplace have the potential to cause occupational injuries to the people who work with them. Although the harm that vibration inflicts has often been difficult for doctors to detect and treat, an expanding body of knowledge on the subject gives hope for more accurate diagnoses and effective remedies.

Vibrational exposure in the workplace usually comes in one of two varieties. The first is known as whole-body vibrational exposure, in which the entire body is shaken for a substantial proportion of the work shift. The driver of a truck or the operator of heavy equipment may be exposed to whole-body vibration during their work hours. This type of vibration is known to be especially harmful to the lower back.

Hand-arm vibration is the other common sort of occupational vibration exposure. This is most commonly seen with those who have to operate powered hand tools such as drills, augers, jackhammers, pneumatic heavy equipment and other such devices. This is known to be hard on the structures of the hand and wrist. It can lead to occupational injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, loss of range of motion, loss of sensation and more.

An injury that occurs in the workplace is legally guaranteed to be compensated by Louisiana workers’ compensation laws . They should be able to collect a portion of their regular pay as they recuperate from their workplace injury. If the injured individual is dissatisfied with the compensation offered, or if their employer refuses to recognize the injury was employment-related and worthy of compensation, then it may be helpful to seek the assistance of an attorney at law.