Worker files claim for compensation for lower back injury

| Jan 7, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

On Sept. 25, a man filed a claim for compensation in a Louisiana court after he says that he was injured on the job. According to the plaintiff, he suffered from acute lower back injuries while working in a lab aboard a sea vessel that was positioned in the Gulf of Mexico.

Before he was injured, the man says that he was in excellent physical condition. He was also earning $180,000 a year by working as an engineer on various sea vessels. After becoming disabled as a result of his workplace injury, the man claims that it will be much more difficult for him to continue working the same types of jobs that he was completing previously.

The claim that was filed in Orleans Parish Civil District Court alleges that the location of the lab in the Gulf of Mexico was hazardous and directly contributed to the plaintiff’s injuries. The plaintiff is seeking an unreported amount of financial compensation from his former employer, Laborde Marine LLC. He is claiming damages for his medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional turmoil, disabilities and loss of enjoyment of life.

A person who has suffered from a lower back injury on the job may be able to claim some financial compensation for their injury through workers’ compensation insurance. While suffering from a severe back injury, many injured workers choose to hire an attorney in order to improve the outcome of their workers’ compensation claim. An attorney might be able to help the worker retrieve compensation for the total financial impact of their injuries.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Man claims disabilty from severe back injuries suffered while working in Gulf of Mexico lab“, Max Schramel, January 02, 2015