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January 2015 Archives

Louisiana worker files suit for injury at Riverwalk

In Gretna, a worker has planned to file a lawsuit after an alleged accident on the job. According to official records, the woman was involved in an accident on May 6, 2014, when she was working as an electrician assistant. The company was performing work on the Riverwalk at the time of the incident. She claims that she was instructed to climb a ladder and push wires back into a box and that she was shocked and thrown from the ladder as a result.

Adapting to safety programs

As experienced Louisiana workers age and retire, and new hires are brought in to fill staffing gaps, the likelihood of accidents or injuries on the job increases. This is especially true of occupations such as construction and warehouse work where visible hazards are part of the workplace landscape. One safety advocate observes that simple organizational growth can modify or negate existing safety programs and paradigms as worker duties shift.

Preventing fall-related injuries and fatalities on job-sites

Louisiana workers may find the recent statistics about falls occurring on the job-site surprising. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has indicated that the majority of fall-related deaths happen in the construction industry and that the majority of non-life-threatening falls happen in health services and retail environments. The Bureau of Labor Statistics concluded that 605 employees died in a fall-related incident, and 212,760 employees were critically injured.

Worker files claim for compensation for lower back injury

On Sept. 25, a man filed a claim for compensation in a Louisiana court after he says that he was injured on the job. According to the plaintiff, he suffered from acute lower back injuries while working in a lab aboard a sea vessel that was positioned in the Gulf of Mexico.

What do I need to know about filing workers' comp?

Employees in Louisiana could benefit from learning more about the rights and responsibilities associated with filing a workers' comp claim. Workers compensation insurance may be described as insurance employers are required to purchase in the event that a worker suffers an injury or illness caused by the job. State and federal laws require employers to carry the insurance so disabled or injured workers can receive adequate compensation while away from work.