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December 2014 Archives

Accident takes the life of construction worker in Louisiana

Shortly after 4 p.m. on Dec. 16, a construction vehicle was involved in roadwork that was being performed by three workers on U.S. Highway 165 north of Columbia. The construction truck was equipped with a sizable arrow board and was in the outside lane facing north.

Diseases caused by asbestos exposure

Even with all of the known risks of asbestos, it is still found in many workplaces around the world. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 125 million workers are exposed to asbestos every year. That can lead to serious health issues and costly medical treatment. In the worst cases, asbestos exposure can lead to death. While there are laws and initiatives in place to reduce asbestos exposure, many workers are still in danger on a daily basis.

Common ways workers are injured while on the job

Even though most workplaces are designed to be safe and healthy environments, accidents still happen. To help avoid injury, potential disability and other unwanted complications, residents of Louisiana may wish to consider these common causes of workplace injuries.

Reducing workplace injuries caused by moving objects

Louisiana employees who work in retail establishments are often be at risk for workplace injuries while carrying and moving objects, such as from a delivery bay to the sales floor. There are ways that these employees can protect themselves from these injuries by modifying their work practices and using tools designed to reduce strains and other injuries. These transport and lift-assist devices exist to not only ease the load on workers but also to increase productivity by requiring fewer people to transport objects.