Offshore platform explosion kills 1 worker, injures 3

| Nov 24, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

On Nov. 20, one worker died and three others were injured in a gas and oil platform explosion off the coast of Louisiana. A spokesperson for Fieldwood Energy, a company based in Houston, said that the explosion is an isolated incident that has been fully contained. No damage was done to the facility or environment, the spokesperson noted.

Authorities reported that the incident occurred at the West Delta 105 “E” facility in the Gulf of Mexico at around 3 p.m. One worker, a contractor’s employee, suffered fatal injuries in the explosion. Three other workers suffered nonfatal injuries, one of them being serious, authorities said. All of the other employees present at the offshore site when the explosion occurred were accounted for, purportedly.

According to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, no production was ongoing when the explosion happened. The agency and U.S. Coast Guard are working together to investigate the incident.

This is the second gas-related explosion off of the Louisiana coast in nearly two months. In a September incident, a contractor died and two other workers were injured while performing maintenance work on a pipeline for Chevron. That explosion is still being investigated, reportedly.

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Source: KLFY, “Worker killed, 3 others injured in platform blast”, November 21, 2014