Attenuator vehicle driver killed

| Nov 10, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

A three-vehicle accident at a work site in Louisiana left the driver of an attenuator vehicle dead on Nov. 3. The deadly incident took place on the Causeway Bridge over Lake Pontchartrain at about 3:40 p.m. When the driver of a garbage truck struck the attenuator vehicle near mile marker 20, the attenuator vehicle and driver fell into the lake.

According to a report from the general manager of the Causeway, the garbage truck flipped and struck a police car after colliding with the attenuator vehicle. Although the police car caught fire, the officer inside of the vehicle managed to escape without being injured. The driver of the garbage truck was also uninjured in the crash. There were no reports about whether or not the family of the deceased driver has filed for workers’ compensation death benefits.

Following the incident, police were able to recover the deceased victim’s body from the lake at about 5 p.m. The attenuator vehicle was not immediately recovered, but authorities shut down the bridge the next day in order to retrieve it. Police have cited the garbage truck driver for reckless operation, and the driver may be facing additional charges as a result of the ongoing investigation.

Family members of someone killed in a workplace accident are entitled to recover compensation through the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. In some cases, there could also be an additional personal injury lawsuit filed against a non-employer third party whose negligence contributed to the accident. An attorney may be able to help family members in such a situation understand what all of their available options are.

Source: WAFB, “Southbound Lake Pontchartrain Causeway closed as crews recover vehicle”, November 04, 2014