Warehouse accident claims life of 51-year-old employee

| Oct 3, 2014 | Workplace Accidents |

It seems as though there is an endless supply of tragic workplace accidents in the news, and that really is a sad state of affairs. Obviously workplace accidents are more rare than the way that sentence may make it seem — but the point still has a ring of truth to it. Workplace accidents usually end with workers suffering catastrophic injuries or harm that either changes their life forever or claims it altogether.

Sadly, that is what happened at a SuperValu warehouse. A 51-year-old man who worked for the company for 15 years was pinned by a piece of equipment and died before emergency responders even arrived. Few other details were released about the incident, but a local police officer says that it is only the second time that he can remember where a SuperValu employee died in his 20 years of service to the force.

There will be an investigation into the circumstances of this fatal work accident, and of course the company will come under scrutiny in the weeks and months ahead. Hopefully they will review their safety protocols and do everything they can to make sure the mistakes that may have been made in the buildup to this accident are not repeated.

If it is discovered that the company failed in any way and thus contributed to the 51-year-old’s death, they could be held responsible. Families of deceased workers are likely looking at a bleak financial outlook in the near term. Though a civil lawsuit against the potentially negligent company — or workers’ compensation that may be earned in the wake of a workplace accident — won’t fix the pain that loved ones of the victim feel, it could help ease the financial burden in the aftermath.

Source: bringmethenews.com, “Minneapolis man killed in industrial accident at Supervalu warehouse,” Kevyn Burger and Melissa Turtinen, Sept. 21, 2014