Appealing your workers’ comp claim? Let us help you

| Oct 2, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

Let’s say that you are injured on the job in Louisiana, and this injury will force you to miss work for at least a month or two, and potentially even longer. What would you do? How would you get by financially? What kind of benefits are you entitled to and how would you go about obtaining those benefits?

These may seem like simple, straightforward questions, but many people don’t know what their rights are or what they should be doing in the wake of a work injury. Workers’ compensation is a major benefit that any injured worker needs to know about, and if your injury will keep you out for many weeks, there is a very good chance that you qualify for workers’ comp.

Now, you may think that you can get away with a workers’ compensation claim without a lawyer. After all, you’ve been injured, and clearly “they” will know that, right? Why would they deny you benefits or try to complicate the matter?

Well, the sad reality is that applying for workers’ compensation isn’t always a straight and direct road. Sometimes there are complications, and you’ll want a lawyer by your side to help you get past these hurdles.

There’s also a better-than-zero chance that your workers’ comp claim is outright denied, and you may think that this is the end of the road. To the contrary, you can appeal your denied claim and could have it overturned. Allow us at the Laurie W. Maschek Law Firm to fight for you and your workers’ compensation claim during these times, so that you can focus more on your recovery and rest a little easier knowing a professional is handling the complex world of workers’ comp.