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October 2014 Archives

What is a herniated cervical disc?

Workers in Louisiana who sustain a herniated cervical disc may suffer from a great deal of pain and loss of mobility. Connected to the vertebrae, cervical discs act as shock absorbers and allow movement in the back and neck. When a cervical disc becomes displaced, or herniated, the disc puts pressure on nerves. This nerve pressure can cause numbness, tingling, weakness and pain in a person's arms and shoulders.

Receiving medical care under workers' compensation

Workers in Louisiana who are covered by workers' compensation may have questions about medical services they can receive if they become injured. They are entitled to choose their own physician, but there are certain rules that must be followed if changing doctors, or when the cost of treatment reaches a certain amount. Although a worker can choose the physician they see for treatment, the employer can also request that the worker be examined by a physician that the employer chooses. If the worker does not comply with the request, workers' compensation payments may be suspended. Permission from the employer or insurance company is also required when a worker wishes to switch from one doctor to another, if the new doctor is in the same field of specialty as the original doctor. Switching from one specialty to another is allowed without permission.

Workers' comp for Ebola? Sounds crazy, but it's true

As most people in Louisiana are aware, the current Ebola outbreak that began in West Africa -- and is the worst in the disease's history -- has spread to Europe and the United States. While containment of this deadly disease has proven very difficult, there is hope that with increased emergency protocols and more countries exposed to the disease that a solution will present itself in the near future.

What are some basic things to know about workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation is complex, even though its actual application is very straightforward: if someone gets hurt at work, they likely will receive workers' comp benefits to help them through this period of time that they are injured. This is an important element to workers' compensation. It is insurance, and most workers are covered by it. It is required by law and run by each state, though there is federal workers' comp as well.

Warehouse accident claims life of 51-year-old employee

It seems as though there is an endless supply of tragic workplace accidents in the news, and that really is a sad state of affairs. Obviously workplace accidents are more rare than the way that sentence may make it seem -- but the point still has a ring of truth to it. Workplace accidents usually end with workers suffering catastrophic injuries or harm that either changes their life forever or claims it altogether.

Appealing your workers' comp claim? Let us help you

Let's say that you are injured on the job in Louisiana, and this injury will force you to miss work for at least a month or two, and potentially even longer. What would you do? How would you get by financially? What kind of benefits are you entitled to and how would you go about obtaining those benefits?