Does workers’ compensation cover my inability to do my old job?

| Sep 3, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

Many Louisiana families may depend on one spouse’s wages as their sole income. It is, therefore, not uncommon for them to experience anxiety when considering potential workplace injuries that may cause disabilities and long periods of absence from work. Although there are conditions and limitations to the benefits paid by the workers’ compensation insurance fund, it aims to provide financial aid in a fair and reasonable manner. Every work-related accident is unique and assessed individually, but there are some basic rules for eligible workers.

Disability after a workplace accident is classified as either a temporary disability or permanent disability. If a worker’s absence from work is due to a temporary disability, and this is verified by a doctor, the worker may receive wages that are usually equal to about 66 percent of his or her gross weekly income. Payments will be made at regular intervals. If a worker is declared totally disabled, various factors are considered in calculating compensation, including the severity of the disability, the worker’s age and his or her income level prior to the disabling injury. Depending on the considerations, workers may be compensated for future earnings.

Louisiana employers may be entitled to fill the position of a worker who is absent for an extended period, and they may not be required to offer the injured person another position upon return. However, an employee may not be dismissed because a workers’ compensation claim was filed. Workers whose injuries rendered them unable to do the job they performed prior to the accident may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation. Such rehabilitation may provide some level of retraining in order to enable the worker to return to work within the shortest possible time.

Louisiana workers who suffered debilitating workplace injuries may file claims for workers’ compensation benefits. However, their physical condition, or even their mental state of mind may cause difficulty with the claiming procedures. Injured workers may seek the assistance of attorneys who work with job-injury related cases on a regular basis. More information may be obtained from our [url=`/’]workers’ compensation website.[/url]

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