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Workplace Injuries Archives

Workplace safety decreases when companies are under pressure

Louisiana workers may be interested to learn that companies that are facing pressure to hit certain earnings expectations may experience more workplace injuries than others. Ultimately, researchers found that one in 24 workers at companies that just meet earnings benchmarks suffer injuries.

Keeping Louisiana miners safe from electric lines

Employees who work near live wires, especially wires that carry high volts of power, can get severely injured or killed if their equipment comes in contact with the lines. For this reason, it's wise for those who work around overhead power lines to make sure there is at least 10 feet of clearance between the lines and their equipment.

New report highlights worker injuries at poultry plants

When Louisiana families sit down to a chicken dinner, they might not realize the dangers encountered by the workers that processed the food for consumption. The National Employment Law Project analyzed data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and identified the poultry industry as a major source of severe worker injuries. Between January 2015 and September 2016, poultry processing plants reported 180 severe injuries to OSHA.

Safety hazards that are often overlooked

Louisiana workers may have training in safety and health that is specific to their jobs, but there are several commonly overlooked safety hazards that both employers and employees can take steps to correct. For example, some employers might not think of dehydration as a safety and health issue. However, a dehydrated worker could suffer a cardiac problem or heat stroke. Even less serious cases of dehydration might lead to symptoms such as fatigue or fainting. Employers can help by educating workers about hydration and providing water and water breaks.

Guidelines for guardrails and fall protection

Louisiana workers and visitors to workplaces will be safest in buildings that follow the codes of both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the International Code Council regarding fall protection and guardrails. The International Building Code is the name of the safety code that has been developed by the ICC.

Employee files lawsuit for injuries caused by defective tools

A seaman employed by a Louisiana company filed a lawsuit on March 23 after he suffered an injury while using tools provided by his employer. He claimed that he suffered injuries to his back and other areas of his body which resulted in a loss of wages as well as physical pain and mental duress.

OSHA issues updated list of inspection-exempt industries

Every year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration reviews injury statistics and makes adjustments to its list of industries exempt from programmed safety inspections. From year to year, some employers in Louisiana with 10 or fewer employees may or may not be exempt.

Making workplaces safer for Louisiana employees

Annually, more than four million workers suffer job-related illnesses or injuries. In an effort to reduce this number, the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched a program, called Safe and Sound, with the goal of getting businesses to develop and review their health and safety programs.

Workplace safety for landscapers

Louisiana landscapers routinely face safety risks while performing their job duties. Each year around the country, almost 200 workers who provide landscape services die from workplace injuries. There are some ways that these hazards can be mitigated, however.

Correct usage of respiratory masks essential to worker safety

Approximately 5 million U.S. workers are required to wear respirators to protect themselves against hazardous gasses, dust or smoke. Louisiana employees who must wear respiratory masks while performing their jobs should be aware of just how crucial these devices are for safety.